Z3 Subwoofer Rattle Fix

The first problem I had that couldn’t be fixed by the dealer simply replacing a part was the ever so common subwoofer rattle. In my case, not only did the grill rattle with even the slightest bass, but the subwoofer compartment top also vibrated with increased bass. The dealer was going to order a completely new subwoofer box. Having read on various boards of similar problems, I knew it wasn’t the box itself, but the housing.

The service rep and I decided to take a look at the subwoofer compartment to determine if we could track down the source of rattle(s).

After pulling the lid off (which is not easy because the back locking tabs are not easily removed without bending or breaking the slots for the tabs) we didn’tt notice anything. So I fired up my favorite Alice in Chains CD (unplugged) as I knew a number of the tracks of this CD would cause the whole inside to rattle along with the subwoofer compartment.

After sticking our ears nearly against every potential source of the rattle noise and repeating a rattle producing track over and over again, we isolated our first rattle.



After replacing the grill, we again fired up Alice in Chains and cranked it to distortion with out a single rattle. Now thoroughly tired of the Alice in Chains CD, I drove off, top down, with Aerosmith “Back in the Saddle” cranked…and no more subwoofer rattles.