Borla Exhaust


Cost: ~$399 (incl. parts, install, tax, beer bribe)
Pros: Much better sound. Added HP (according to butt dyno) – particularly with intake and ECU mods
Cons: Volume (doesn’t bother me, but the neighbors might have a different opinion) Body work damage possible but can be avoided.
Installation Time: ~3 hours

Shortly after installing the Dinan chip and Air intake, I decided it was time to replace the exhaust in Dieter Z (the last of the intake/chip/exhaust upgrade trilogy). Having heard a couple other Z3s with various exhaust systems, I opted for a Borla muffler with complete cat back modifications.

The Borla exhaust is not for the feint of heart. At an idle, you can hardly notice a difference from the stock exhaust. Revving the engine at a standstill, there is a definite growl. At full load, running through the gears, the Borla will bring most pro wrestlers to their knees and a tear to a hard core biker’s eye.

BMW Z3 2.8 with Borla exhaust at idle and revving


BMW Z3 2.8 with Borla exhaust running thru the gears