Heaven’s Gate to Hell’s Backyard

Held on April 24, 1999, the Heavens Gate to Hell’s Backyard drive was the ultimate drive for the driver who loves to drive the ultimate driving machines on the ultimate extremes of roads. Guaranteed to test all of the capabilities of your Z3…including the nut behind the wheel.

The drive route took us from Del Mar, through Rancho Santa Fe (home of the now dead Heaven’s Gate Cult), and up into the mountains east of San Diego. When we arrived at Palomar, the low cloud cover reduced both visibility and temperature. Rather than going up to the Palomar Observatory for a cold outdoor lunch, we huddled up in Mothers for lunch. We did stop by Palomar Observatory for some sightseeing before dropping down into the Borrego Desert (Hell’s Backyard) where it was anything but cold and foggy.

After a brief stop (and saying our goodbyes to Terry) we were able to hit some speed limiters in some open desert before climbing back up into the Cuyamaca Mountains for some more twisties before ending at Hiway 8.

The drive route



Drive pictures